SEMF network expands to Southeast Finland

SEMF is delighted to announce its newest network member, Imatra Sports Center.

Imatra, especially the Ukonniemi area, provides excellent opportunities for organising diverse sports training camps, competitions, and tournaments. The area also boasts international-level sports venues and a wide range of accommodation options.

“Including Southeast Finland in the SEMF network and the excellent event facilities in Imatra further strengthen and diversify Finland’s offerings. A geographically balanced network and various types of event cities, each with its own strengths, make Finland a strong and interesting host country for different kinds of sports events,” comments SEMF Project Director Jani Backman.

All the Imatra Sports Center facilities are located within walking distance from each other, creating a sports academy-like environment. The distance to the center of Imatra is only a couple of kilometers.

“Imatra is a small town, but we are known for our large-scale sports events, like the annual events Imatranajo Road Racing Championship and Saimaa Cycle Tour, the biggest cycling event in Finland. By joining SEMF we want to strengthen our position as a sports event host city. We believe, that joining forces with other leading host cities in Finland will increase our opportunities to bid for interesting events in the future,” comments Jaakko Jäppinen, Head of Sports Tourism in Imatra.

SEMF is an expanding network that welcomes more cities and organisations to join. Together, we are making it more visible how Finland has developed the resources and conditions required by international events. Our cities have the know-how, infrastructure, resources, and networks to create quality experiences through major international sporting events.

Interested in joining the SEMF network? Feel free to contact us.

You can find more information about Imatra Sports center here.

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