Technology Finland

Finland has the world’s highest mobile data usage per capita and second-highest mobile broadband penetration rate.

5G mobile communications technology, which enables high-speed broadband connections, is already available in many localities in Finland. 5G also  provides efficient platform for internet of things, automation and robotisation.

All sectors of society benefit from 5G – these sectors include industry, transport and logistics, agriculture and forestry, and healthcare.

New technologies,  such as 5G , are transforming our electronic services environment. 5G technology  can support service solutions in many different business sectors. 5G has many benefits: Reliability, speed and low latency, which play a crucial role in virtual and augmented reality solutions, as well as in industrial and smart electricity grid solutions. Large capacity is important in urban networks, for example, in which the aim is to offer a congestion-free and affordable communications services to a large number of users. Network slicing makes it possible to customise network services for individual use cases. An increasing number of novel 5G functionalities  are becoming available, and IC costs are falling – so now is the time to use 5G to keep up with the competition.

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