To Event Organisers

The Finnish strategy for major events supports the organization of major international events in Finland.

Requirements related to international sports and sports events have increased in recent years. This puts pressure on event organizers. The size of the economy, resources, know-how and strong experience of Finland enables the organization of diverse major international events in Finland.

For its part, Finland wants to show that it is the best event organizer. We have developed the resources and conditions to the level required by international events. Finnish cities have the know-how, infrastructure, resources and networks to make quality experiences in the form of major international sporting events.

Finland’s strategy includes ministries, the Olympic Committee, sports federations, cities and parties promoting event production.

We have created a strong and long-term operating model to which key players are committed. The international operating environment places demands on our operations, so in order to develop our competitiveness, it is important to relate our own operations to the international competitive situation and its changes. We want to highlight sustainability, equality, security and good governance.

Major event cities have the know-how, infrastructure, capability, resources, organizations and networks to act as partners and national promoters for the local delivery of various international sporting events.

Host Cities