Finnish attitude, Finnish identity

  • SISU is a part of the Finnish identity.
  • SISU describes Finland and Finnishness.
  • Finns are what they are because of SISU.

SISU is tenacious, unrelenting willpower, perseverance, discouragement. The notion that Finns are, for the most part, more natural than most other nations because of natural conditions became widely known in the early decades of the 20th century, due to the great success of Finnish endurance athletes in the Olympics and other international sports competitions.

SISU is a force that tries the impossible, but not desperately fighting or blindly biting.

“In a tight place, the saying goes: it seems impossible, but it is tried. And then it is tested – and won.”

SISU is the brother of perseverance and the sister of inexorability. SISU is both a physical resource and a power of the mind.

SISU is the inner strength that is sometimes beyond the reach of conscious effort. It occurs at a point where the limits of physical and mental resources have already been encountered.

SISU is also having the ability to grasp; to get things done.

Synonym = The Guts