To Athletes

Finland is known as the happiest place in the world. One of the reasons must be sports. Finnish people love sports and sport events.

The most popular sports are football, floorball and ice hockey. About 75,000 ice hockey players are licenced to compete, but there are almost 200,000 young people who play ice hockey as a hobby. Ice hockey is also the most attended spectator sport in Finland.

However, Finland is a versatile sports country, where the organization of various events is reliably successful.

Finland is a mixture of nature’s tranquility and technological pioneering. Finland is a pioneer in 5G technology.

Just take a deep breath

One of the best things in all of Finland is invisible, abundant and totally free. Just take a deep breath! The air quality in Finland is the best in the world according to data from the World Health Organisation (WHO). Go for a walk by a lake or through the forest or simply rest on a smooth rock by the sea. Take in Finland’s gorgeous surroundings and breathe.


Technology Finland

Finland has the world’s highest mobile data usage per capita and second-highest mobile broadband penetration rate.

5G mobile communications technology, which enables high-speed broadband connections, is already available in many localities in Finland. 5G also provides efficient platform for internet of things, automation and robotisation.

Technology Finland

Sports Institutes

Sports Institutes are educational organizations, training centers for elite athletes and leisure centers for the public.

Sports Institutes

SISU – Finnish superpower

SISU is a part of the Finnish identity. SISU is the brother of perseverance and the sister of inexorability. SISU is both a physical resource and a power of the mind.