Finnish everyman’s rights

Finland’s beautiful nature is accessible to all

In Finland, nature is both wild and free. The law allows anyone living in or visiting Finland the freedom to roam the forests, countryside, forage, fish with a line and rod, and enjoy the recreational use of natural areas – respectfully, of course. This is called “The Everyman’s Rights,” or Jokamiehen oikeudet.

Remember that with this right comes responsibility. Please tread carefully, leave no trace, avoid private property and stay out of areas designed to protect vulnerable environments or wildlife. Always take your rubbish with you, avoid making excessive noise and make sure not to disturb wildlife.

Finland has over 40 national parks with clearly marked trails that are available to visitors. Stay on paths when you can – this helps to keep you safe and preserve fragile eco-systems. A few hard rules also apply, regardless of where you are within Finland. Hunting and fishing, aside from angling, are strictly prohibited without a permit.

Finnish forests are full of nutrient-rich arctic superfoods in summer and early autumn. It’s a short but bountiful growing season. You can find various delicious foods like wild blueberries, wild strawberries, lingonberries, yellow chanterelles, and even cloudberries in Lapland.

You may wander freely, swim, cycle, canoe, go hook and line or ice fishing, or even pitch a tent in some places. But use your best judgement and respect the rights and privacy of others.