History of major sports events

Traditions and knowledge

Finland has long traditions of hosting sports events. There are a lot of knowledge, competence and skills at organizing this kind of events in Finland.

The most significant and attention received sport event in Finland is the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki.

Also the World Athletics Championships have been held twice in Finland (1983 and 2005) and the European Athletics Championships have been held three times in Helsinki (1971, 1994, 2012).

In 2009, Finland hosted UEFA Women’s Championships.

Winter sports specially have a strong history in Finland. The climate and the venues offer great conditions for such events.

Ice hockey is one the most popular sports in Finland. The Ice Hockey World Championships have been held 9 times in Finland. Twice together with Sweden. And IIHF World Women’s Championship have been held 4 times.

Lahti has hosted FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 7 times.

Host Cities