Four Seasons

Finland has four unique seasons – light-filled summer, colour-drenched autumn, frost-glazed winter, and bloom-covered spring. Each season offers something new – whether you’re looking for peace and quiet or adrenaline-filled adventures.


Summer in Finland is a time spent outside, enjoying this short but sweet season of white nights, and all worries are postponed. It never gets completely dark so it’s perfect to enjoy many activities in the beautiful, lush landscapes.


Autumn is ideal for foraging and enjoying colourful autumn foliage. It is the time to soak in the last dwindling warmth before winter arrives. Autumn is also one of the best seasons to see the Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland.


Finnish winters are crisp, glittery and full of snow. The days get shorter and darker but the snow brings light. It is the time for warm woolen jumpers, cozy log fires and the many wintery activities.

The cold and snowy winter’s provide great circumstances for many winter sports. Whether it’s ski jumping, cross-country skiing, ice swimming, skating or ice hockey – Finland offers great conditions.


During spring flora and fauna returns and there’s more sunlight every day. The spring months, until early May, offer the best skiing in Lapland – in the south, the snow will be gone by then.